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Thanks to everyone who followed Training Because I Can! over the last nine years. This blog started with Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism and a crazy idea of doing an Ironman distance triathlon. My life has changed and so has this blog. I am using this blog strictly for Addison's Support topics from here on out. I hope to continue providing people with hints for living life well with adrenal insufficiency.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pictures: This week, miscellaneous

Dave came over with his 4 wheeler and plow to plow the driveway for us. Yay Dave!!!

Paul gives the plow a try. Don't like it too much, we're not getting one.

The alpenglow on Grand Targhee Resort. The GTR 100 goes to the top of the mountain (Fred's Mountain) that you see in this picture. The lowest point of the race is only a little bit higher in elevation than where I was standing to take this picture. The race is at the end of August 2008.

You'd never know it was just above 0 degrees, would you? Zane is finding something to do. School was canceled 4 days out of the last 9 due to weather (cold or blizzard).

Chewy, dairy free, gluten free cookies! Thanks for the recipe Marta! It's excellent!

Zane and I goofing around. It's a BB gun.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Testosterone and women

Journal Abstracts and articles that might be of interest

Addison's: Addison's & Testosterone Deficiency in Women

Introduction"Testosterone is the major biologically active androgen in women, derived in approximately equal amounts from the adrenal glands and the ovaries..." Nat Clin Pract Endocrinol Metab. 2006;2(8):432-433
I AM NOT A DOCTOR, I DO NOT PLAY ONE ON TELEVISION. Everything written here is my interpretation of medical literature. Sources will be provided and linked throughout the post. Only make changes to your medical routine with the permission of your physician.
Do not trust anything I have written here.
RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Print out journal articles and take them to your doctor so he or she can give you the most up to date treatment possible. Doctors don't have time to read up on every hormone deficiency there is so help your doctor out by giving him/her the most up to date information!
Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. Men's androgen deficiencies are well documented and treated. You can probably even get your testosterone level tested and get a prescription if your hormones are not right. Women are not generally as lucky and it impacts their health in very negative ways. My opinion here but because we don't have a penis and testosterone deficiency has no outward signs such as loss of erection for women, it's not very important to doctors.

A woman's testosterone deficiency are often ignored or even discounted by doctors. Although women do not produce the quantities of testosterone that men do, it's a very important hormone for a women's quality of life. I will describe the symptoms of androgen deficiency in women, causes, testing and lab ranges, treatment and journal abstracts and relevant links (linked throughout the post).

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in women
  • Nat Clin Pract Endocrinol Metab. 2006;2(8):432-433

Causes of testosterone deficiency in women
Come on ladies!!!!
Most of us have at least 2, if not 3, of the major risk factors for testosterone deficiency!
Testing and Lab Ranges
  • Testosterone, Total
    • Testosterone, Total, Serum

      Age Male
      1-5 mo 1-177 1-10
      6-11 mo 1-10 1-10
      1-5 y 0-10 0-10
      6-7 y 0-20 0-10
      8-10 y 0-25 0-30
      11-12 y 0-350 0-50
      13-15 y 15-500 0-50
      Adults 241-827 14-76
  • Testosterone, % Free
  • Testosterone, Free
Reference IntervalReference Interval - Updated January 15 2008

  • 20-59 years: 0.0-2.2 pg/mL
  • >59 years: 0.0-1.8 pg/mL
I'd like to note that lab ranges and optimal ranges are two totally different things. Optimal ranges allow a patient to feel the best that she can feel. Lab ranges do not.
According to Screaming to Be Heard, the optimal serum testosterone levels need to be 40 to 60 ng/dL but can vary quite a bit (even below the range) in women.

  • First off, why be treated for low testosterone?
  1. You deserve to feel well, QUALITY OF LIFE IS IMPORTANT
  2. Osteoporosis is not fun or healthy. It is not acceptable for a doctor to NOT test your testosterone levels if you have osteoporosis. If your doctor refuses to test these hormones, find a new doctor.
  3. If you have Addison's disease and/or have had a hysterectomy, you don't need any more fatigue than you've already got
  4. If you're on corticosteroids, weight and wellbeing can be a constant challenge
  • What are my treatment options?Methyl testosterone - testosterone that is created in the laboratory and put into a pill. Generally commercial doses (created by pharmaceuticals) are made for men and too high of a dose for women. Taking testosterone orally increases potential for liver problems. Microionized testosterone. Skin cream. Skin gel. Sublingual tablets. Vaginal suppositories.
  • The formatting is all screwed up and I can't fix it, sorry.
  • You will need to speak to an educated medical professional, your pharmacist and a compounding pharmacist to determine the best testosterone delivery for you.

Pictures: Too damned cold but pretty

Our kitchen thermometer at 8 am. Now at 9:20 it's "warmed up" to -11 degrees Fahrenheit. School was canceled today.

The moon setting over the Big Hole Mountains.

The sun rising over the Grand Teton. This is the view from my office window. I'm lucky!

I have to run today. I'm not going to run outside. I refuse to run outside when it's ridiculously cold!! Some hardcore people will run in the cold. I won't!!! As a matter of fact, my garage is entirely too cold at the moment as well. I may have to turn the heater on in there if it doesn't heat up.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pictures from the last few days

I've got tons of pictures for you and a video.

The above slogan is my motto. I think more people should try to be less concerned about winning or finishing first and take the time to enjoy the experience. Have a great day!

Sunday - Long run, crazy drivers
This gal was not a crazy driver but she was mushing 2 dogs on a Sunday walk! Only in Idaho (and probably Alaska)

A cigarette butt in the fresh snow. A consistent sight during my runs. I don't understand why anyone would throw trash on the ground! Ewwww!

Not a fantastic picture but it's big hawk of some sort. It flew away as I approached and it had a huge wingspan.

This is the road surface I have to run on. Narrow and covered with ice. Although the sides of the road look flat, they are not solid and supportive. Below the crust is a barrow ditch 3 feet deep.

The same road from a different view

People driving fast, talking on the phone on the same icy road as in the pictures above.

Saturday - Paul and I skate in Teton Canyon
Interesting sign!

Big log and lots of snow

A measuring stick located in Teton Canyon

My handsome husband poses for me

Another example of how much snow there is in Teton Canyon

Pretty view from the end of Teton Canyon

Friday - Dusty's revolutionary arm workout

Zane working his arms on the "80 feet of hell" AKA our driveway

Me and Dolly. I'm going to have to shovel those piles down because it's too hard to throw the snow up and over them!