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Thanks to everyone who followed Training Because I Can! over the last nine years. This blog started with Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism and a crazy idea of doing an Ironman distance triathlon. My life has changed and so has this blog. I am using this blog strictly for Addison's Support topics from here on out. I hope to continue providing people with hints for living life well with adrenal insufficiency.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are you kidding me? Winter weather advisory in Idaho

Winter Weather Advisory

Statement as of 3:45 AM MDT on May 23, 2010

... Winter Weather Advisory in effect from 6 PM this evening to
6 PM MDT Monday above 6000 feet...

The National Weather Service in Pocatello has issued a Winter
Weather Advisory above 6000 feet for snow and localized blowing snow... which
is in effect from 6 PM this evening to 6 PM MDT Monday.

* Snow accumulations: 3 to 7 inches

* elevation: above 6000 feet.

* Locations include: Driggs... Island Park... Edie ranch... Monida
Pass... Ashton hill... Targhee Pass... Pine Creek Pass

* winds: west to southwest winds of 10 to 20 mph will develop
later Monday

* impacts: snowfall and any winds that develop will create pockets
of reduced visibilities and/or blowing snow. This will
especially the case for higher elevation roadways.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Weather Advisory for snow means that periods of snow and
gusty winds will cause primarily travel difficulties. Be prepared
for snow covered roads and limited visibilities... and use caution
while driving.


Pip said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm supposed to be running tonight.

Unknown said...

It does make me feel somewhat better. But it's late spring in most of the US and everyone is dealing with 80 and 90 degree temps. Not us, still worrying about snow!

I guess you get to be on the trainer and dreadmill too?

:) Dusty

Pip said...

I'd be tempted to retreat to the treadmill if it weren't for my commitment to running with my squad. We have run in some pretty horrid conditions before. Right now the temperature is dropping and the rain is increasing but the wind hasn't yet gotten too bad. It's still got another six hours to brew though! Oh well, the hot shower afterwards will be bliss and I have slow cooker Jambalaya waiting for me for dinner (and perhaps a glass of red wine).

Unknown said...

Have fun, take pictures and post on your blog! I want to see this. I'm too lazy to go out in conditions that you're facing!!

Pip said...

Sorry, I failed at pictures because it was already dark by the time we left and my cellphone is hopeless without light. I'm sorry to tell you though that against all odds we had stunning weather tonight. It was crisp but not cold and there was NO wind. How we ever got away with it I have no idea! It started raining just a little towards the end of our 8k run, and it was beautiful. Now I'm home in the warm, showered and fed and sipping on Pinot Noir. Happy Pip!