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Thanks to everyone who followed Training Because I Can! over the last nine years. This blog started with Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism and a crazy idea of doing an Ironman distance triathlon. My life has changed and so has this blog. I am using this blog strictly for Addison's Support topics from here on out. I hope to continue providing people with hints for living life well with adrenal insufficiency.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful Bighorn

My favorite view on the whole course.

It's a little over 48 hours post race. I'm not at all sore which makes me feel I have done my training right. My performance at Bighorn lets me know I have done something very wrong. I messed around with my florinef and too much florinef is what I'm thinking the culprit might be. Anyone have any experience with too much florinef?

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures of the beautiful course!

Before the start in Tongue River Canyon

A very big hill that is even bigger than this picture can show

Marie, me and Leslie at the top of the first big hill

The volunteers were so fun and enthusiastic. This is just one of the signs they had posted at Upper Sheep Creek Aid Station.


This is the same spot where the video was taken from. Gorgeous!

A view of the Tongue River from the Narrows. The sound of the river was incredible. Loud and roaring.

Footbridge Aid Station. Cold already and it was only 7:30 pm. Some of you have summer in June! Parts of Wyoming and Idaho get very, very little summer.

Another mud pit

Awesome volunteer who packed in the aid station, see the horses in the background?

River crossing. The race directors put up a cable for us to hold on to.

Wow, I look like a cow in this picture. I am wearing the tiara Heather sent me and pointing to a flag of Mike Ehredt's. I am on top of the snowy pass last Thursday as I left for Sheridan.

Snow and ice on the way to Sheridan. Scary driving!


Pip said...

Such a beautiful course! When I read that your hands had swollen up that was my first thought - too much Florinef. Mind you I have no experience of that myself, having never taken any extra for any of my long runs. It's all such an imprecise science - that's the frustrating thing. You continue, however, to be inspirational.

It's a beautiful day here today - mid-winter, crisp and clear. I was going to do a spin class but it's too gorgeous to hide away in a dark studio on a bike so I'm swapping it out for a little run round the waterfront instead!

Anonymous said...

Well bummer you didn't finish like you wanted to! You always say I scare you well you scare me out in the middle of nowhere laying on the side of a trail vomiting! You be careful my friend! I was wondering if you've addressed the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. I know that when I've had massages I get very nauseous from the release of lactic acid and I was wondering if this might be something we addys need to address from lots of exercise. I don't know if HC or flor. would even address this....might be something to look into if you really want to run these long distances more....?
Well (((BIG HUGS))) for making as far as you did!

Anonymous said...

This is might be good to read...


Unknown said...

Thanks Gals!

Shelley, I'm looking at the article now. I will email you back in the next couple of days. Trying to catch up...Miss you and visiting with you in IF.