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Thanks to everyone who followed Training Because I Can! over the last nine years. This blog started with Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism and a crazy idea of doing an Ironman distance triathlon. My life has changed and so has this blog. I am using this blog strictly for Addison's Support topics from here on out. I hope to continue providing people with hints for living life well with adrenal insufficiency.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Teton Pass run

Grand Teton on a cold morning

As much as I'd like to post my MdS training plan, I'm more interested in posting pics from the weekend.  The running is going great despite soreness from starting pack training. 

Friday morning, I didn't want to exercise but I did anyway because Joanne said she would skate ski with me.  It was stunningly beautiful.  Very cold.  The picture above is from the same morning.  The skate was nice.  Short, sweet and with Joanne's company.

Friday night, I got stuff together for Saturday's run.
Part of training for MdS is getting used to carrying a pack with weight.  During the race, you carry everything you will need except the tent.  Runners are given water at most check points.  Mike Ehredt (who recently ran across the United States and has done MdS) suggested flour as a weight because it is comfortable because it conforms to one's back.  He was right, the flour was comfortable.  The after effects of carrying a 13 pound pack were not so comfortable.  My legs are SORE!

One of my minor New Year's resolutions was that I would get up and out early to do my runs.  I have been quite successful with this resolution BUT, damn, it's cold at 6:30 am.  The wind was blowing and I was really uncomfortable for about 3 to 5 minutes.  I warmed up quickly as the sun rose.

One reason I don't like running on the road in the winter is that the shoulder is really small.  Another is that there are no "bathrooms".  The snow in the picture above is about four feet tall.  Even if I decided to climb up the four foot wall of snow, I'd be on total display for every passing car.  Creativity is needed to use the restroom when you run on roads around here in the winter!

I'm not sure if you'll be able to see this very well.  This is the plowed pile of snow in the Coal Creek Canyon parking lot.  Skiers have carved out a seat so they can relax while waiting to hitch a ride back to the top of the Pass.  It was comfortable, I sat on it.

Taylor Mountain once again.  If you look closely (you might have to click on the picture to expand it), you will be able to see ski tracks.

The view of Taylor from the road.  It's beautiful.

Steep, 10% grade and a 13 pound pack are reasons my legs, shoulders and hips are sore.

A view toward the west from Teton Pass.  Ski tracks again.


Captaincook said...

Dusty, just made my Google user profile, want to try it out and see what happens.

Love your blog! Ken Cook

Pip said...

Wow - those are pretty much the exact opposite conditions for what you'll be running during the race! Except I guess perhaps running in snow could be used as a proxy for running in sand? A friend of mine used rice when she was pack training, and that seemed to work for her - except when she spilled rice everywhere!

Olga said...

Dusty!!! You are rocking, girl! I can't believe how tough you are in this cold - and I would just pee right in the middle of the road, screw cars! Good luck, have fun, train hard - and take care of yourself!

Unknown said...

Ken, I love your profile picture!!!!

Pip, you couldn't be more right about exact opposite conditions!

Olga, thanks. I'm only tough one or two days a week. The rest of the time, I'm on the treadmill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HollyM said...

I have adrenal insufficiency with thyroid problems. I am just amazed at what you can do. Well, I am 55 and I do commit to at least 30 (usually 40) minutes of exercise daily and I usually get out to snowshoe a few times a week. The other times I swim, go to yoga and do a DVD. I'm wondering how you get going in the morning. I can't wake up without an alarm with a loud radio and I'm extremely sluggish for a couple of hours. I exercise either just before lunch when it is a little warmer. or early afternoon

Unknown said...

Holly, much of the key for me is having my thyroid at optimal levels where I'm not symptomatic. This is much more important than normal lab ranges when you still have symptoms!

You've probably read this before but I practice what I preach:'s%20Information.

As far as waking up goes, have you ever tried setting two alarms? Take your meds 30 minutes before you get up. Make it easy. Put meds in a cup and have water next to the bed.

I also have the coffee maker set to go off when I wake up so I can have coffee within 5 minutes of my feet hitting the floor.

Next I go directly to the treadmill or gym so I don't crap out.

Check out my Addison's Forum there are tons of athletic and informed Addisonian's out there.

Well done with getting all the exercise you do!

:) Dusty