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Thanks to everyone who followed Training Because I Can! over the last nine years. This blog started with Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism and a crazy idea of doing an Ironman distance triathlon. My life has changed and so has this blog. I am using this blog strictly for Addison's Support topics from here on out. I hope to continue providing people with hints for living life well with adrenal insufficiency.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Unicorns and other stuff

One of two unicorns I saw yesterday

Unicorn #2

Unicorn #2 making silly faces at me

Buffy looking out from behind Travis' ice art

I spoke too soon about the migraine, got a small one Saturday morning. It wasn't bad since I had taken extra HC (for the busy day of party preparation ahead) and Ibuprofen for some pain in my hip. I recovered quickly and got on with the day.

We considered Festival of Trees 2009 a success! It may not have been a huge money maker for our local hospital but it ran smoothly and our guests appeared to have a wonderful time. Pictures and updates on the event at a later date.

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