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Thanks to everyone who followed Training Because I Can! over the last nine years. This blog started with Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism and a crazy idea of doing an Ironman distance triathlon. My life has changed and so has this blog. I am using this blog strictly for Addison's Support topics from here on out. I hope to continue providing people with hints for living life well with adrenal insufficiency.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

February 2013 in pictures

86 degrees in February is AWESOME!

My baby, who is now 19, was born in this house in Estes Park, Colorado in the Big Thompson Canyon

He went back and checked it out when he was on a road trip.

 Seen on the golf course by my husband

 This mummified frog was stuck, how it got there is beyond me

 This picture is terrible and I apologize.  This was a bob cat that watched the dog and I go by.  They are beautiful!

A live frog that I almost stepped on while walking the dog one morning.  I am thrilled that in February there were frogs and not SNOW and ice.

 We had a water leak.  It was a pain in the ass.  Those fans were loud and were going 24/7 for over a week.

 To relax during the noise, I went to Target and relaxed and texted Molly while sitting on the patio furniture.

The nastiest toenails I've ever seen

A palate cleanser.  Sunset on Lake Bengal


Unknown said...

Thanks for the photos Dusty! Loved seeing the house where baby was born. I have a pic of the house I was born in too. Not nearly as big and nice!

Nasty looking frog. I have to chuckle at some of the subjects as they are often weird, but always interesting!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your pics! I so remember that house in Estes Park... I always thought it was a cool place.
Neat that Zane went to go see it!